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Free Windows 7 FIFA World Cup Theme

Yes it Football time. FIFA World Cup has already started. World Cup started up with few great songs by Knaan, Shakira, Alicia Keys and many more entertained us at the initial stage. But the real entertainment came when the first game started between the Home Team South Africa and Mexico. The First goal in World cup 2010 came from the legs of Tshabalala’s. One of the finest goal ever.

Having a look at the football fans Microsoft has now came up with a new Windows 7 theme specially for Football lovers. Football Fans that are running Windows 7 can grab a 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa theme from the Windows Gallery to help them tailor their desktops to the sporting event of the year. This theme has specially been designed to promote this game.

Argentina vs. Nigeria and Korea vs. Greece. Football fans are, of course, in for quite a treat as the 19th FIFA World Cup unfolds. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa will conclude on 11 July 2010 with the final match.

The Windows 7 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa theme is available for download here


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Microsoft Year of the tiger Theme pack available for download

As we all know there are only 1411 left, we are celebrating this year as Year of Tigers. To show the love for tigers Microsoft released Year of the tiger Theme pack and is available free of charge and can be integrated seamlessly into the operating system.

This theme contains six background images of Tigers, no big surprise in this regard, obviously given the leitmotif chosen for the theme.

This theme draws its origin from the Chinese zodiac including total of 12 animals. Since its an Chinese tradition to associate years with animal archetypes. In addition Chinese zodiac also contains other animal symbols like rat, ox, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, dog etc..

As per the Chinese zodiac Tiger has already started on Valentine day 14th Feb and will end on 2nd Feb 2011. With the Windows 7 ‘Year of the Tiger’ Theme, users can bring some extra roar to their background images of their desktop. In addition Windows Seven customers can also download Zune Tiger wallpaper. Stand-alone background image design to celebrate the Year of Tiger. Microsoft is also offering the cats everywhere and Dogs in summer themes for Windows7.

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