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Windows 8 Development Has Started

As per the third-party sources Microsoft has started the development process which will ultimately end up producing the successor of Windows 7.As per Russian Website WZOR Redmond company has apparently set on a course to build Windows 8.As per Windows and Windows live Division’s President Steven Sinofsky comment Wzor is a source with proved track of records of delivering information of Giant software moves.

Redmond is repeatedly compiling new versions of Windows 8 as constant pace, With numerous builds past month : 7702.0.100126-1751, 7703.0.100127-1845, 7704.0.100128-1900 and 7705.0.100129-1930.

However Redmond has confirmed in early 2009 that they have already begun planning of Windows 8 since they were more than half a year after the finalization of Windows 7.

Source: Softpedia


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Post Windows 7 first screenshots, possibly can Windows 8

Once again couple of screenshots have been posted for Post Windows 7 build(Build 7700). This can be said as benchmark for beginning of Windows8.Usually Microsoft start with the current version of Windows and changes are reflected in their build versions.So lets wait for the release of this build as have a look what are the changes that will be provided to us.

FILE: 7700.0.100122-1900_x64fre_client_en-us-GRMCXFRE_EN_DVD.iso
SIZE: 3,231,166,464 byte
SHA1: C0CB719B781D49B39D8CC93A27F990A366B8E4C7
MD5: EBEB8AEC73339536564D26DB584A9474
CRC: B3F323D6

Windows 8 being a major release, a radical change is expected and it seems bit impossible that Windows 8 would be RTMed by July 2011.

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