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Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0 RCs available

As promised, at the starting of this week Microsoft provided MSDN suscribers Release Candidate downloads of Visual Studio 2010, .NET frameword 4.0 , and its now avaible to Public via Microsoft download center.  This RC include a go-live license for users who want to deploy their production enviroment.
If you are using the provious beta versions make sure you uninstall them first before installing this RC. Some of the quick download links which are now available:

After the release of two beta versions of Visual Studio & .NET framework 4.0, Company had no plans to release RC builds and had plans  to release final versions of both by March 22,2010. but Microsoft delayed the release of both due to feedback on its performance and virtual memory usage  wansn’t upto the mark. Thus these milestones are expected to release in April this year.


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