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IE9 Beta releasing this September

Finally it looks like Microsoft has now planned to finish of Platform Preview releases for Internet Explorer 9. News has been leaked that approximately in a month IE9’s first Beta development milestone will be released publically. Lately Microsoft confirmed the news during Annual Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting. Announcement has been made that from next month onwards IE9 Beta will be made available for test driving. But the specific date is still not revealed .

Since IE8 has been the most secure browser in the market place, Microsoft fans are waiting deliberately for the next upgrade of the browser.With early adopters and developers for IE9 around 2 million downloads has already been completed a time ago and still counting on. Also there is a fake news about some leaked screen shots of IE9 , but it has now been confirmed that those screen shots are the fake one and are not the one of IE8 follower.

Interesting Points about IE9:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. DOM
  4. SVG
  5. New JavaScript engine( Code Name: Chakra)
  6. Hardware Acceleration

With all the above Points we can surely conclude that IE9 is definitely going to be rocking not only as a browser but also for Developers too.

Try the Latest Platform Preview for IE9 here

To get the complete details of IE9 click here


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IE9 Cocktail Preview

Microsoft in IE8 beta 2 made a commitment not to break the web. Following the same even IE9 cannot be now counted as a single browser. According to looks of it, Compatibility view will survive into the Final version (RTM) of IE9 allowing the browsers to acts as IE5,IE7,IE8 as well as IE9, displaying it on web content it plays nice with modern web standards as it is designed to be more compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.

Early users can grab the IE9 Platform Preview and start swapping rendering models. Some of the best shortcuts are Alt+5: Force IE5 rendering mode, Alt+7: Force IE7 render mode, Alt+8: Force IE8 Rendering mode and Alt+7 Force IE9 Rendering mode.F12 launches Default developer tools . These developers tools allow users to control the browser mode: IE7, IE8, IE9 but also IE9 with 7 Compatibility view and IE8 8 compatibility view. Document mode is also made available with Quirks Mode,IE7 Standards, IE8 standards and IE9 standard, which are made default. In order to revert the Default Document mode, press ALT+O. .

By looks IE9 is much similar to IE8 and will be much interesting to watch the changes to be included in First public beta of IE9 browser.

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IE9 Platform preview available for download

On the second day of MIX10, Microsoft has made available to download platform preview the first release of Internet Explorer 9.It is currently up for grabs for Microsoft.

This preview is designed especially for developers and not for end users. As a developer , you will be happy to know that IE9 includes developer tools by default and no back button for end users. General Manager Dean Hachamovitch was on MIX10 specially to provide a key note on Internet Explorer 9.

Currently first bits of IE9 are available for download and are named as Platform Preview. IE9 will be very first browser to take standard web patterns that developers use and run them on modern PCs. IE9 also brings expanded support with HTML-5 and hardware accelerated graphics and text with newly enabled JavaScript engine designed specially to boost the performance of the browser. With addition of NVDIA GPUs IE9 removes glass ceiling for web developers, enabling them to build basically high performance web applications.

The new JavaScript engine enabled for IE9 was codenamed Chakra, and that it delivers level of performance almost on par with it rivals.

TO download IE9 Platform Preview click here

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