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Google Chrome 5.0.335.0 Available for Download

As per the sources in this month not only Opera 10.50 is going to release. Google released a DEV channel update for its open source browser. Looking at the circumstances Google has now Updated Chrome 5.0.335 from its beta version to Final release.This Chrome can be grab not only for windows but also for other Operating systems like Linux and Mac too. By the end of this week also Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2 is marching up for its release.

This build has certain functions like

  • Fix Issues relating to new content settings functionality
  • Removing and Remove all Button for cookie manager
  • Fix Crash when installing an extension
  • Fix star button theming.

Although various builds for Chrome 5.0 has been released but still this is a pre-release software and comes with various issues, so those who feel uncomfortable with pre-release software should not take any risk’s and stick with chrome 4.0 which is still much more stable than chrome 5.0 build.

Google Chrome 5.0

Google Chrome 4.0


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Google Chrome 5.0.322.2 is available for download

Although Google Buzz release has not completed even a week but Google today on 15th Feb 2010 has released Google Chrome 5.0.322.2. Google Buzz was released in the last week and found almost 9 million post as per Gmail Blog. Search giant kicked up a notch the Dev. channel flavor of Chrome, and is offering early adopters Build 5.0.322.2 not only for Windows but also for MAC OS and Linux.

Grunberg on Google Chrome commented that “Now Google Chrome also includes number of extension-related fixes, including “Don’t crash when extensions use Cookie. Preserve order of browser actions across extension auto update. Implemented overflow and reordering of browser actions.”

The most and undisered change in the latest version of Chrome is Chrome 5.0.322 doesn’t show popup blocker bubble on each platforms. Linux users are bond of experience crashes when editing bookmark in the bookmark manager. Other change noticed in this version is Chrome wont be allowing Non- Windows users(Mac nd Linux) to save cookie settings.

This version also made changes in Chrome Native Client as Grunberg added “ Chrome for linux and Mac can now run Native Client modules directly, no plugin required.Platform independent NPAPI extensions for 2D,3D and mouse/keyboard events are now available “

Google Chrome 5.0.322.2 can be downloaded from here

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