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SQL Server code-named “Denali”

Microsoft SQL Server code-named “Denali” provides organizations to be more powerful in today’s competitive market with highly scalable platform ,high flexibilityease of use and performace required for critical applications. Using Data integration and managment tools helps developers to bulid applications quiclky and deliver the data to the right users helps the new user to expand the reach of Business Inetlligence to enable meaningful insights.

Some of the capabilities that Denali will deliver are:

SQL Server AlwaysOn
SQL Server will now provide a set of capabilities to help business with their critical applications, with high avalability of deployments and provide better returs for hardware investments. New availaility group option will help to improve the database by supporting multiple secondaries and increase utilization using active seondary Managment. Windows Server Core support will help to reduce the downtime.

Column-based query accelerator
Column-Based Query Accelerator is designed to increase the query performance and reduce the performance turning through interative experiencecs with data and instant response time and streamlined setup which removes the need to build summary aggregates.

Developer and IT Productivity
New tools and capabilities will help developers build innovative applications with reduced time-to-market while IT professionals benefit from greater operational control and ease of use. The following highlights a few key enhancements for increased IT and Developer productivity.

Expand the use of BI to business users
Business users will gain greater agility and empowerment with a new highly interactive, web-based data exploration and visualization solution. Introducing new and engaging ways to discover insights through a drag-and-drop interface, smart and powerful data querying and interactive storyboarding to allow users to quickly create and share visual presentations of large datasets.

SQL SERVER Community Technology Preview 1 can be downloaded by clicking here


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