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Technology that i want

Computers that can read human minds

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Imagine searching the Internet simply by thinking. Well, your imagination may soon turn into reality.

Think a new technology which will directly interpret words as they are thought, unlike current brain-controlled computers which require users to imagine making physical movements to control a cursor on a screen, this means you’ll be able to write letters, open emails or do Google searches just by thinking it.

The best part of this technology there will be no white lies left in this world!!!


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Gmail Users Dial One Million VoIP Calls in 24 hours

Yes, One million calls in 24 Hours. Google has just introduced Gmail phone-calling feature. Google twitted announcing the near-immediate milestone and thanking people for trying it.Google has more than 175 million users hence the services isn’t available for all the users yet.Google’s service allows users to make telephone calls via their new Gmail interface. Calls to US and Canada will be free for rest of the year and international calling rates will be low as promised by google.
People have been talking through microphones and speakers via Gtalk Service since 2005,but gmail users cant dial into landlines. To talk both the users had to be online and logged into their computers. Google has given users one more reason to stay with Google services like Gmail and Google Voice.
Google designed a user-friendly interface for this service. Users dial the numbers as they do in their cell phones , when users click “Call phone” at the top of their chat list and dial a number or enter a contact’s name, it calls the number. If the users have a Google Voice phone number, calls from Gmail will display that number as the outbound caller ID. Users can also choose to receive calls to this number right inside Gmail.
Integrating with Android
With this new service in Google, it has now started to compete with Skype. but skype has still more advantage with international calling and integration onto mobile devices.
It will be a logical step, especially if Google plans to become a force to be reckoned with in the Voice over Internet Protocol world.
Minutes are not nearly as precious as they were before, with many people being on unlimited or nearly unlimited plans। Nevertheless, it makes sense for them to integrate this functionality and tie more of that functionality into Google Voice.

So lets See what happens will google integrate this system with Android OS? If yes what will be the users inntention towards it?

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IE9 Beta releasing this September

Finally it looks like Microsoft has now planned to finish of Platform Preview releases for Internet Explorer 9. News has been leaked that approximately in a month IE9’s first Beta development milestone will be released publically. Lately Microsoft confirmed the news during Annual Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting. Announcement has been made that from next month onwards IE9 Beta will be made available for test driving. But the specific date is still not revealed .

Since IE8 has been the most secure browser in the market place, Microsoft fans are waiting deliberately for the next upgrade of the browser.With early adopters and developers for IE9 around 2 million downloads has already been completed a time ago and still counting on. Also there is a fake news about some leaked screen shots of IE9 , but it has now been confirmed that those screen shots are the fake one and are not the one of IE8 follower.

Interesting Points about IE9:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. DOM
  4. SVG
  5. New JavaScript engine( Code Name: Chakra)
  6. Hardware Acceleration

With all the above Points we can surely conclude that IE9 is definitely going to be rocking not only as a browser but also for Developers too.

Try the Latest Platform Preview for IE9 here

To get the complete details of IE9 click here

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