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Top 10 reasons to use Windows 7

Windows 7  was released on    13th July 2009 but even today i find most of the people still using Windows XP or Vista.  I don’t understand that why people are not getting used to the latest technology? Probably all the functions which are available in the older versions are also available in Windows 7. Also there are other various functions which are available. Let me list down such reasons why people should migrate to Windows 7.

  1. Get Quicker Access to all your stuff : Ping and Jump List the most reliable tool in windows seven to make use of your files on your fingertips.
  2. Search: You can quickly find the details required in specific file, program or in your email using Search option in Windows seven. Windows Seven has included advance search which I think is known as Instant search.
  3. Share File and Printers : Because data sharing is most important Windows Seven has continued the options of Sharing of File and Printers in Seven too.
  4. Get Entertained: With Windows Media Center you can now watch Videos and Pictures. NOt only that Media Center now comes with Internet TV. You can not only watch TV but also record live TV.
  5. Manage Open Windows more easily: You can resize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders on you desktop screen.
  6. Dont Leave your programs behind: Yes does your application only work on Windows XP? If that is seven then you can use Windows 7 because Windows Seven offers  XP mode which helps to open the applications in XP.
  7. Easily create and share movies: Create great movies and slide shows and share them on Internet or YouTube easily.
  8. Do More Wait Less: This slogan is well implemented in Windows seven. Improvements done in to accelerate Sleep and resume and make your Pc more responsive help t o get it more done.
  9. Connect it to network easily:  You can now connect yourself to Wireless network in just 3 clicks.
  10. Protection: Windows 7 offers more security than any other operating system with help of applications like Microsoft security essentials, BitLocker and Application Locker.
    Windows 7


So what are you waiting for? GO and get Windows Seven installed in your PC today and have fun and stay connected.


March 1, 2010 - Posted by | Windows 7

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  1. thanks.. nice info

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