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What is the Public Folder & How to Use it

If you are a Windows Vista user you might have come around the word Public Folder . It is not a big feature but rather than that it’s just a slightly special setup which can be used in certain scenarios. Hence this feature is also kept in Windows 7.

What is the public Folder in Windows 7?

If you want to find the Public folder it is found in ‘C:\USERS\PUBLIC’ and in this folder you will find all the registered users who have access to your computer. All that is saved in that folder have access too all the users who have account in that Computer. Also depending on your settings you can make the folder to be accessed by the computers on the same network.

Folder Contents

As a Public folder this folder contains its sub folders. Just like shared documents, shared music, shared pictures and such things we have Public Documents , Public Downloads, Public Music, public Videos etc… These folders contains sample files for each folders just like we have shared pictures like Blue Hills, Sunset , Water lilies in XP.

The Public folder also contains a series of hidden folders such as: Favorites, Libraries and Public Desktop. By default, these folders are empty.

Making use of this Public Folder

Using this Public folder is your choice. I mostly don’t use this folder but that doesn’t mean that this is not handy. For e.g. If there are 3 users in my Pc, and all of them want to use a same file to have some or other things to do on it. So I will make that Folder public and ask the other followers to just perform the work which I have described in that folder in my absence. Hence Public Folder can me more useful in that case. The Public folder can also be used for sharing files with other computers on your network. If you choose to share this folder, other computers can access its contents.

Share/Unshare the public Folder

By default, this folder is not activated . In order to enable/disable this folder from sharing you need to open the Advance Sharing Settings panel.

Finally arriving to the conclusion this feature is not that important if you don’t have multiple accounts in your machine and there are various other ways to share the folder in your netowrk.If you are on network and want to share the limited things you can use this folder and also ask for people from the network to same file in Public Folder from their machine in your absence. I would say I don’t prefer this folder due to various types of people in your network  if a person contains a high variation viruses there is possibility that they may harm your computer. So its better to be safe and secure rather than going for a suicide


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