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Watch TV on your PC for free

I remember I mostly had some assignments work in my PC and have to leave my favorite cricket matches. but now I sit and watch TV on my PC. You might be thinking that I must be using splitter for that. No not at all.

In  today’s computer world you don’t need to rush to watch TV and work at the same time. That’s because today technology has blurred the gap line between PCs and TVs. Now I sit and watch Internet TV on my Windows 7 based PC, and I realized that the line isn’t blurred as much as it is transparent.

On name Internet TV you might be wondering what is Internet TV? Isn’t that so. Let me clear you. Internet TV is a latest feature that is introduced in Windows Media Center that delivers your favorite entertainment over a broadband internet connection, and without even losing a single penny!! Now isn’t that good, it has wide variety of range from episodes to top broadcaster including news and event programs. So what are you waiting for?? Follow the following steps and get started. Also if you have membership of Netflix you can access wide range of movies and TV shows made available through Netfix.

You might be wondering what are the requirements?? Let me tell you the simplest things which are required

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Windows Seven Premium or Better

Now setting up an Internet TV in your Windows 7 PC

1.You can click here to launch  Internet TV in WIndows media Center( or open Windows Media Center button from Start) and click continue on welcome page.

2. You will be provided with two options Custom Install or Express Install. In order to make your things easy always choose Express Install. To make advantages of advance settings you can choose Custom Install and also if y ou choose Express Install you can make changes to Custom Install later to change the setting

3.Once you follow this you will be gifted with other wizard just end it on Complete setup. After completing the setup download 5MB file of Internet TV and again install it. It hardly takes any space in your hard drive.Once that is completed you will find the option of Internet TV under TV. an programmin guide.

Using Programming Guide

TV guide is just a normal guide which keeps the things much simpler and easy.To use this option Scroll down to TV, you will see different TV options, find guide option and click on it.If you want to add broadcast TV to your lineup, just add a TV Tuner and connect it to an over-the-air antenna for free HDTV (subject to local coverage) or your existing cable subscription to get access to your basic cable programming

Work and play at the same time

Just as you always do while listening to music in same manner while watching TV just minimize the screen or resize the window to work and watch simultaneously.

NOTE: Internet access required. Free Internet TV content varies by geography. Some content may require additional fees.


February 28, 2010 - Posted by | Microsoft, Tips, Windows 7

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