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Windows Phone 7, a New Beginning

Looks like Microsoft’s hit Windows 7 has still much more things left. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was on a stage for minute before he invited Joe Belfiore the vice president for Windows Phone. Without wasting any time Belfiore was band on target demonstrating the next generation of Windows Mobile operating system and associated devices Named Windwos Phone 7. The mantra given was Your Phone is not a PC.

Microsoft promised that Windows Phone 7 is positioned as hubs for the owners, entire life ,work, play, social networking, media, all these in a single device.

Andy Lees the Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Mobile Communication Stated that “There is a unique relationship between people and their phones. It’s the only piece technology they have with them all the time keeping them connected to information, family, and friends. The journey we’re starting now is about helping people connect with their mobile lives in a fresh, new way.”

Belfiore ended up the presentation with a video which took a swing at Apple. Microsoft Called on Apple for building more better phone which is already available on the market. This presentation also stated the next stage for the evolution of smartphones, but as a new beginning altogether for the mobile devices.

Some of the snapshots of WIndows Phone 7 is shown below.

Sorce : Microsoft Newz Center


February 16, 2010 - Posted by | Microsoft, Microsoft Phone

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  1. Windows Phone 7 is killer mate

    Comment by Akshay | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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