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China shuts largest Hacking website of the country

China has been consistently in front due to its various activities; no matter it however it may be  good or bad. Google started the New Year by threatening China to Quit from their country. Since then things aren’t going good for China. According to Shanghai news China has closed THE BLACK HAWK SAFTEY NET which it called the largest hacker training website in the country. This website use to training people with hacking techniques and provided the malicious software downloads for its 12,000 members in exchange for a fee, according to the Wuhan Evening newspaper citing police in Huanggang, just east of Wuhan.

Hacking from china has received international attention since GOogle threatened to quit China last month after a serious Hacking attempt originating from China, resulting in the theft of its intellectual property.

China has denied involvement in the hacking episode and said it does not condone hacking.

According to US Cyber expert Mr. James Mulvenon, Wuhan used to train hackers to receive the confidential data of govt. of various countries.

The popularity of hacking in China, and hackers’ use of multiple addresses and servers, in Taiwan and elsewhere, makes it hard to prove how or by whom they are coordinated.

Now Hackers in China don’t need to figure out how to do it, thanks to the hacking industry and sites such as BLACK HAWK SAFETY NET, which was unavailable on this Monday.

source: Reuters


February 8, 2010 - Posted by | Anti-Hacking

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