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Top 7 PC resolutions in Windows 7

What are your PC resolutions for the New Year or for your new PC? What’s the one thing you tell yourself you need to do more often or learn how to do? Here’s what is on my top 7 list for 2010.

1. Backups

Starting from a backup which is the most useful and most required application in todays world. I dont know how my data is deleted. i have mistakely deleted some data. Now what??  Google yourself. Find softwares and freewares inorder to retrive your data. Is same thing happening with you? Let me show you a simple and easy step to take a Backup in Windows 7.

  1. Click on START button.
  2. Type Backup and Restore in search button and open it.
  3. Select the location where you need your Pc to be backed up.

This Images gives an simple description.

2.  Time for Safety.

I admit that I’m a worst PC user who uses different pen drives , potables etc.. and i daily face problems with my registry’s, data etc.. So for this purpose Windows 7 consist of Action Center. Action center is a new feature included in windows 7 which makes it easy to indicate(ensure) everything is executing smoothly. From backups to troubleshooting is managed by Action center.

Action Center is designed to manage security.

Action Center is a new feature designed for user to get notifications about your pc in one central location and make it easy to ensure everything is executing smoothly.Windows Defender to Windows Firewall, antivirus settings to Backup and Restore, this is the one place to take care of all your security needs.

  1. Click on START button.
  2. Search for Action Center in Search box and open it.
  3. View Security settings.

If any of the security checks is black listed you will recieve an notificaiton to take care of those things.An flag will be hosted up and you need to check the flag for the notifications.Just Click the flag and view the notifications.

3. Parental Controls

Parental Controls are the parents best friend. You can decide which programs your children’s can have a look, which games they can play, and even set times when they can use the Pc, and most importantly keeps your kids safe on Internet, for that you will have to use web-based programs like Windows Live Family Safety. You can also download it from here for free. Windows Live Family Safety

  1. Click on START button.
  2. Search for Parental Controls in search box and open it.
  3. If you haven’t still setup accounts for your children’s , click on Create a new user Account, type user name and create Account.
  4. Click on that Account and simply turn on Parental Controls and customize your settings for your children’s.

4. Improve your PC performance

Let’s take your system is running too slow. It takes time to open up all the applications. Everything  you do is too slow to cover up. So it’s worth to take few minutes to make sure that your PC performance is at its peak.

Check out Power settings.

Let’s say I use laptop and by mistake I have forgotten my charger at home or else I’m at a place where I can’t charge my laptop . SO what should I need to be done? You can make use of Power settings. With power settings you can change the appearance of you desktop and this helps you to save much of your power and helps your laptop to work more time than anticipated.

  1. Click on START button.
  2. Search for Power settings in search box or else simply click on your battery in taskbar.

Speed up your computer with Ready Boost

Whenever I’m running large bunch of applications which grasp more power, I use ReadyBoost. What it does is it uses extra spaces from cards, pen drives or portables to speed up everything

Wherever you plug in the device you will see an auto play dialogue box. Click on Speed up my system


In windows XP troubleshooting was the big issue. whereas in Windows 7 if you are facing any problem, these tool will take a look at your system and notify if there is any wrong things going on. They usually tell us how to fix problems. Windows 7has many troubleshooters but the most useful one is used for performance issue.

  1. Click on START button.
  1. Search for Troubleshooting and open it.
  2. Under System and Security, click Check for performance issues.

5. Customize your PC

If you like making changes to your pc regularly like changing themes to changing fonts for your pc, Windows 7includes ways to reflect your personal preferences.

Do u use gadgets?? if yes than there are many programs included in windows7 and also you can download them from Internet.

  1. Right click on desktop and select Gadgets.
  2. Choose the one required or select  Get more gadgets online.
  3. Browse the gadgets and download them
  4. Use those on your desktops.

6. Learn how to save time

Keyboard shortcuts or combination of two or more keys are the most effective time savers because they speed up performing the common tasks. Ctrl + shift + click on taskbar button opens that program as an administrator. Shift+Right-click on a grouped taskbar button opens  the window menu for the group

Another way to save time is by using Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8. Just highlight (or right-click) some text and a list of options will appear. For instance, instead of copying and pasting text into a search engine, you can right-click it, select “Search with Bing,” and view results instantly in a new tab.

7. Learn something new

There are a lot of new features in Windows 7to uncover. Here is one I particularly like.

Play To
We have way too many CDs. I’m in the very slow process of digitizing all our music and putting it on my PC. I love my laptop—but its speakers leave something to be desired. Enter Play To, possibly the single coolest feature of Windows 7, according to me.

With Play To, I can stream the albums on my laptop PC to his desktop PC, which has much better speakers. If we had a Windows 7-compatible home entertainment system, we could use that, too. To use Play To

  1. Open Windows Media Player and click the Play tab on the upper right.
  2. Find the music you want in the Player Library and then drag that song into the playlist pane on the right.
  3. Click the Play To button at the top of the list pane.
  4. Click on the device on your network that will receive the media.
  5. In the Play To dialog box, use the playback controls to play, pause, or stop the media stream, and to select the next or previous item in the list.

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