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Watch TV on your PC for free

I remember I mostly had some assignments work in my PC and have to leave my favorite cricket matches. but now I sit and watch TV on my PC. You might be thinking that I must be using splitter for that. No not at all.

In  today’s computer world you don’t need to rush to watch TV and work at the same time. That’s because today technology has blurred the gap line between PCs and TVs. Now I sit and watch Internet TV on my Windows 7 based PC, and I realized that the line isn’t blurred as much as it is transparent.

On name Internet TV you might be wondering what is Internet TV? Isn’t that so. Let me clear you. Internet TV is a latest feature that is introduced in Windows Media Center that delivers your favorite entertainment over a broadband internet connection, and without even losing a single penny!! Now isn’t that good, it has wide variety of range from episodes to top broadcaster including news and event programs. So what are you waiting for?? Follow the following steps and get started. Also if you have membership of Netflix you can access wide range of movies and TV shows made available through Netfix.

You might be wondering what are the requirements?? Let me tell you the simplest things which are required

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Windows Seven Premium or Better

Now setting up an Internet TV in your Windows 7 PC

1.You can click here to launch  Internet TV in WIndows media Center( or open Windows Media Center button from Start) and click continue on welcome page.

2. You will be provided with two options Custom Install or Express Install. In order to make your things easy always choose Express Install. To make advantages of advance settings you can choose Custom Install and also if y ou choose Express Install you can make changes to Custom Install later to change the setting

3.Once you follow this you will be gifted with other wizard just end it on Complete setup. After completing the setup download 5MB file of Internet TV and again install it. It hardly takes any space in your hard drive.Once that is completed you will find the option of Internet TV under TV. an programmin guide.

Using Programming Guide

TV guide is just a normal guide which keeps the things much simpler and easy.To use this option Scroll down to TV, you will see different TV options, find guide option and click on it.If you want to add broadcast TV to your lineup, just add a TV Tuner and connect it to an over-the-air antenna for free HDTV (subject to local coverage) or your existing cable subscription to get access to your basic cable programming

Work and play at the same time

Just as you always do while listening to music in same manner while watching TV just minimize the screen or resize the window to work and watch simultaneously.

NOTE: Internet access required. Free Internet TV content varies by geography. Some content may require additional fees.


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What is the Public Folder & How to Use it

If you are a Windows Vista user you might have come around the word Public Folder . It is not a big feature but rather than that it’s just a slightly special setup which can be used in certain scenarios. Hence this feature is also kept in Windows 7.

What is the public Folder in Windows 7?

If you want to find the Public folder it is found in ‘C:\USERS\PUBLIC’ and in this folder you will find all the registered users who have access to your computer. All that is saved in that folder have access too all the users who have account in that Computer. Also depending on your settings you can make the folder to be accessed by the computers on the same network.

Folder Contents

As a Public folder this folder contains its sub folders. Just like shared documents, shared music, shared pictures and such things we have Public Documents , Public Downloads, Public Music, public Videos etc… These folders contains sample files for each folders just like we have shared pictures like Blue Hills, Sunset , Water lilies in XP.

The Public folder also contains a series of hidden folders such as: Favorites, Libraries and Public Desktop. By default, these folders are empty.

Making use of this Public Folder

Using this Public folder is your choice. I mostly don’t use this folder but that doesn’t mean that this is not handy. For e.g. If there are 3 users in my Pc, and all of them want to use a same file to have some or other things to do on it. So I will make that Folder public and ask the other followers to just perform the work which I have described in that folder in my absence. Hence Public Folder can me more useful in that case. The Public folder can also be used for sharing files with other computers on your network. If you choose to share this folder, other computers can access its contents.

Share/Unshare the public Folder

By default, this folder is not activated . In order to enable/disable this folder from sharing you need to open the Advance Sharing Settings panel.

Finally arriving to the conclusion this feature is not that important if you don’t have multiple accounts in your machine and there are various other ways to share the folder in your netowrk.If you are on network and want to share the limited things you can use this folder and also ask for people from the network to same file in Public Folder from their machine in your absence. I would say I don’t prefer this folder due to various types of people in your network  if a person contains a high variation viruses there is possibility that they may harm your computer. So its better to be safe and secure rather than going for a suicide

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Use the Shift Key to Temporarily Disable Startup Applications for Troubleshooting

After the installation of certain software’s which are used rarely, but they start up every time up login into your Machine. These startups can cause logon delays or prevent you from completing Windows startup in normal mode. One of the best and easiest  way is that you can just configure to disable startup applications.

Hold down SHIFT key during the logon process, you can jst prevent the operating system from running the startup programs or the shortcuts  following Folder :

  • StartMenu\Programs\Startup

To Disable the applications in the above folder you can hold down the SHIFT key until the desktop icon appears. Holding shift key is much better alternative rather than temporarily deleting or moving programs and shortcuts as this procedure only affcets the current user session.

To use the Shift key to disable applications and shortcuts in startup folders, log off the computer and then log on again. Immediately press and hold down the Shift key. Continue to hold down the Shift key until the desktop icons appear. If you can log on successfully, you have isolated the cause of the problem to your startup applications. Next, you should use the System Configuration utility to temporarily disable applications one by one until you identify the cause of the problem. With the cause of the problem identified, you can fix the application or permanently remove it from your startup programs.

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Google Chrome 5.0.335.0 Available for Download

As per the sources in this month not only Opera 10.50 is going to release. Google released a DEV channel update for its open source browser. Looking at the circumstances Google has now Updated Chrome 5.0.335 from its beta version to Final release.This Chrome can be grab not only for windows but also for other Operating systems like Linux and Mac too. By the end of this week also Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2 is marching up for its release.

This build has certain functions like

  • Fix Issues relating to new content settings functionality
  • Removing and Remove all Button for cookie manager
  • Fix Crash when installing an extension
  • Fix star button theming.

Although various builds for Chrome 5.0 has been released but still this is a pre-release software and comes with various issues, so those who feel uncomfortable with pre-release software should not take any risk’s and stick with chrome 4.0 which is still much more stable than chrome 5.0 build.

Google Chrome 5.0

Google Chrome 4.0

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Microsoft Year of the tiger Theme pack available for download

As we all know there are only 1411 left, we are celebrating this year as Year of Tigers. To show the love for tigers Microsoft released Year of the tiger Theme pack and is available free of charge and can be integrated seamlessly into the operating system.

This theme contains six background images of Tigers, no big surprise in this regard, obviously given the leitmotif chosen for the theme.

This theme draws its origin from the Chinese zodiac including total of 12 animals. Since its an Chinese tradition to associate years with animal archetypes. In addition Chinese zodiac also contains other animal symbols like rat, ox, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, dog etc..

As per the Chinese zodiac Tiger has already started on Valentine day 14th Feb and will end on 2nd Feb 2011. With the Windows 7 ‘Year of the Tiger’ Theme, users can bring some extra roar to their background images of their desktop. In addition Windows Seven customers can also download Zune Tiger wallpaper. Stand-alone background image design to celebrate the Year of Tiger. Microsoft is also offering the cats everywhere and Dogs in summer themes for Windows7.

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Download New MSE Release

On 17th February yesterday Microsoft lunched a new milestone although it’s not a big one but then too very useful and very much required, that is none other than Microsoft Security Essentials. As far as security is concerned MSE deals best one.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free to download from Microsoft and is simple to install and use as well. What you need to do is just keep the database of this antivirus up-to-date.  Microsoft security Essentials  is quiet efficient and runs at background so the user is quiet free to use the PC at normal speed instead of slowing down in case of others.

One thing that didn’t change is their version of Microsoft Security . Previous released version of security solution was named 1.0.1611.0,with latest iteration, it has jumped to 1..0.7959.0. Microsoft is bond to have minor changes in the antivirus.

In 2008 MSE delivered in concert with the latest version of Windows client, Windows 7.This antivirus and spyware is compatible with both 32bit as well as 64 but version of Windows 7, Windows Vista and 32 bit version of Windows XP.

MSE is available to download here

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Windows Phone 7, a New Beginning

Looks like Microsoft’s hit Windows 7 has still much more things left. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was on a stage for minute before he invited Joe Belfiore the vice president for Windows Phone. Without wasting any time Belfiore was band on target demonstrating the next generation of Windows Mobile operating system and associated devices Named Windwos Phone 7. The mantra given was Your Phone is not a PC.

Microsoft promised that Windows Phone 7 is positioned as hubs for the owners, entire life ,work, play, social networking, media, all these in a single device.

Andy Lees the Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Mobile Communication Stated that “There is a unique relationship between people and their phones. It’s the only piece technology they have with them all the time keeping them connected to information, family, and friends. The journey we’re starting now is about helping people connect with their mobile lives in a fresh, new way.”

Belfiore ended up the presentation with a video which took a swing at Apple. Microsoft Called on Apple for building more better phone which is already available on the market. This presentation also stated the next stage for the evolution of smartphones, but as a new beginning altogether for the mobile devices.

Some of the snapshots of WIndows Phone 7 is shown below.

Sorce : Microsoft Newz Center

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Google Chrome 5.0.322.2 is available for download

Although Google Buzz release has not completed even a week but Google today on 15th Feb 2010 has released Google Chrome 5.0.322.2. Google Buzz was released in the last week and found almost 9 million post as per Gmail Blog. Search giant kicked up a notch the Dev. channel flavor of Chrome, and is offering early adopters Build 5.0.322.2 not only for Windows but also for MAC OS and Linux.

Grunberg on Google Chrome commented that “Now Google Chrome also includes number of extension-related fixes, including “Don’t crash when extensions use Cookie. Preserve order of browser actions across extension auto update. Implemented overflow and reordering of browser actions.”

The most and undisered change in the latest version of Chrome is Chrome 5.0.322 doesn’t show popup blocker bubble on each platforms. Linux users are bond of experience crashes when editing bookmark in the bookmark manager. Other change noticed in this version is Chrome wont be allowing Non- Windows users(Mac nd Linux) to save cookie settings.

This version also made changes in Chrome Native Client as Grunberg added “ Chrome for linux and Mac can now run Native Client modules directly, no plugin required.Platform independent NPAPI extensions for 2D,3D and mouse/keyboard events are now available “

Google Chrome 5.0.322.2 can be downloaded from here

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Help prevent computer viruses

In computer world there is nothing that gurantee the security of your PC upto 100%.

So incase if you want to be secured you can use some of the security applications like firewall, keep our system up-to-date, Updating your antivirus software.

There are various antiviruses availabe in the market but as per my views is use Microsoft Security Essentials.

The best Tip i can give is since there is no security guaranteed,it’s important to back up critical files on regular basis before you meet with viruses and such other problems.

Some steps to avoid viruses and be safe

  • Use Internet Firewalls :-  These Firewalls acts as filters and are available in Windows 7,Windows Vista, WIndows XP SP2 and are turned on as default.
  • Visit Microsoft Updates:-  Don’t forget to install the updates available by Microsoft every month.If your Operating System is up-to-date you will be provided the updates of Microsoft Office and other Microsoft updates and patches related to it.
  • Subscribe to antivirus software and keep it current. MSE has free download availability for Windows Seven,Vista,XP but only for genuine users not for those who have installed cracked System. Directly go to the download page.
  • Never open the e-mail attachments from the persons you don’t know.
  • Avoid opening the attachments unless you are sure what that attachment has because that attachment can hack your account.
  • Keep changing your Passwords weekly and select the passwords which has Alphabets,Numbers,Special Symbols for eg: Training12$ this is the best passwords combination which is difficult for a hacker to hack and its also time-consuming.
  • Internet Explorer 8 popularly known as IE8  has various functions like Accelerators  , Private Browsing etc.. which helps users in securing their data.
  • Before opening any portable device do check or scan once either it has viruses or not. If your portable is used  in some places like cyber,College labs etc.. there is a possibility that, that system can contain viruses.
  • Use a standard user account unless you need to use an administrator account.

By using all these tips there is very less possibility that your computer will be affected by viruses.  on 9th Feb of this year Safer Internet Day launched the campaign Think B4 U post.

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Hackers Crack Office 2010 RC Build

Microsoft’s Office 2010 RC has been leaked out for Bit Torrent users. For this case Microsoft plans to work hard on next build of Office release and build anti-piracy protection in the next iteration of the productivity suite before RTM in order to prevent the illegal methods already designed and implemented.
Hackers have already managed to bypass the activation mechanism of Office 2010 RC build 14.0.4734.1000 and is distributed worldwide and this cracked version do not need end users to enter the product key.The VLK(Volume Licensing) edition of Office 2010 is now made available to various torrents and warez sites.
According to the sources applying the crack , the illegal bypass method words by swapping the tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms files from Retail edition of Office 2010 RC which wasn’t activated with those from a beta release of the product which can be easily activated using any product keys provided by the Redmond Company.

Sources: Softpedia

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